Tips on How to Make a Small Garden Appear More Spacious

Make a Small Garden Appear More Spacious

Having a small garden does not mean you have to compromise on beauty. Your garden, regardless of its size, can have a certain panache with the right accessories. Smaller gardens, or handkerchief gardens as they are so pleasantly called, can look exquisite with a collection of simple accessories. Style does not have to be compromised for space. Have a look at solutions for creating space in a small garden below:

Compact greenhouses can allow you to grow your own produce and double up as a practical solution for storing gardening tools.

Corners of the garden can be transformed into mini courtyards; a beautiful look can be achieved by adding benches to the corners creating a miniature seating area. Adding fairy lights, outdoor waterproof pom poms and potted plants can add to the effect of the garden, particularly if you are lacking grass or are decorating a small yard. Whilst small, the visual impact can be enormous.

Garden planters are a great way of adding style to a less-than-spacious garden or yard. A contrast of colors, heights, and styles of planters, mixing the styles and varieties of fruit trees, flowers, grasses, and plants with the planters can have a startling effect. Planters are incredibly versatile too – should you not have the space to grow your own produce, planters are a space-effective way of doing so. Cultivating your own fruit and vegetables is extremely satisfying too!

Outdoor dining, or alfresco dining, can be enjoyed in a small garden too. French style cafe chairs and tables look amazing in small spaces. These can be decorated with plants and flowers, dotted around the furniture, so your outdoor space feels less like a cafe and more like a garden.

Adding levels to a small garden is a great way to boosting the effect of adding space, or at least the illusion of space. Levels can be interjected by adding steps into your outside area. Railway sleepers can also be affixed to add levels to your outside space. These can be transformed into ledges for decorative fancies or utilised for a simple seating area. Once levelling has been achieved then the surrounding area can be utilised by adding planters, decorations and ornaments to add a little spark to the garden. Colours, themes and styles can be mixed and matched for a truly magical pop.

The use of mirrors and window boxes is also fantastic ways of adding the illusion of space in a simple and cost effective way. The reflection of the light into the mirror will add a feeling of space to the garden, very much in the same way that a large mirror in a small living room can add the feeling of roominess into your indoor living space.

Small gardens can look as beautiful as big, sprawling grounds. In fact, they can often look better. Compact gardens mean that you, while you have less space to play with you, do have to be more creative in your outlook. You can achieve this through decorative furniture or quirky, one of a kind pieces. Big or small, the outside of your property can look as stunning as the inside.