How to Clean Your Carpets and Rugs Yourself

Clean Your Carpets and Rugs

Carpet cleaning or rug cleaning is undertaken by almost all people. Carpets and rugs can become very dirty, not to mention filled with dust and grime. A lot of people aren’t aware that dust mites are living in their carpets all the time and if they aren’t careful, they can end up spreading to different areas of your house. Most people would opt to take the carpet or rug to the cleaners; however it isn’t always necessary to hire a carpet cleaning company. You can do this yourself if you just follow these few tips!

The first tip is to find a good carpet or rug cleaning shampoo that will preserve your item. Unfortunately, there are many generic shampoos on the market that don’t always do the job properly, and can often leave your carpet feeling like a complete mess. The best solution to this is finding a good shampoo that is specifically designed for your type of rug. For example, you can have a specific Persian rug that has been hand woven intricately with different colours. However, using a regular shampoo on it means that you will end up making the colours bleed into each other and the rug would be damaged.

When you find a great shampoo, the best bit about it is the fact that you won’t need to use a lot of it. This is the difference between a good shampoo and an average one. The reason that cleaning companies deliver such fantastic results is because they always use top notch cleaning products. Some of the best places to actually pick up these types of products are your local sofa stores as well as cleaning agencies.

Part of their retail section is allowing people just like you to be able to clean their carpets and rugs at home. They know that people might either not have the money to get them cleaned professionally or they might just want aftercare once they buy a carpet. When you clean the rug, leave the shampoo to soak in for a while and then just run the carpet through water. With some carpets, you would be wise to use steam cleaning as well as it is impossible to uproot wall-to-wall carpet to clean it!

Steam cleaning is one of the methods most widely used by cleaning companies to achieve long-lasting and swift results in lifting both dirt and grime out. It doesn’t leave your carpet or rug feeling soggy and damp because when the steam lifts everything out, the cleaner goes over it again with a cold jet of air, locking in the freshness. Most people opt for either manually shampooing their carpet, if it is a smaller area, or using a steam cleaner to get rid of all the grime. The decision is completely yours. If you are unsure of which method to use, it is wise to phone up a carpet cleaning company who will let you know which technique is easier.

Say, for example, the stains aren’t that deep or heavy, shampooing your carpet or rug, will work perfectly. It can work on the place that needs it the most and especially when the spill is fresh. It is highly unlikely, unless you have a steam cleaner at home, that you would be able to steam clean out the stain quickly. However, with rug shampoo you can always work on the area that needs cleaning urgently.