Tips for Keeping Your House Clean and Germ Free

Keeping Your House Clean and Germ Free

The house is actually one of the dirtiest places without many people realising. The kitchen and bathrooms are the obvious places but did you know a home office and bedroom are also places for bacteria to linger? If you don’t clean your house regularly, you run the risk of getting ill or struggling with vermin and insects. Here are some tips for keeping your house clean the whole year round.

  1. Watch out for signs of vermin and insects:Always keep an eye out for any signs that you are living with other creatures. They are great at hiding apart from when it comes to droppings – they leave them anywhere! The best thing that you can do is watch out for them and use various removal methods depending on the problem that you have. You don’t need to hire an exterminator at first but make sure you think about any nests that have been created when it comes to insects to completely remove the infestation.
  2. Clean your bathroom once a week:Don’t leave your bathroom for longer than a week. Use bleach to get into the crevices in the toilet and remember about in between the tiles. This room is where you will get most of your mold problems due to the heat and moisture. You will need to use products that are specifically designed for the bathroom and consider having a toothbrush for cleaning purposes to get into all the small cracks. It isn’t a pleasant job but it will help to avoid health problems in the future. Wear gloves when doing it and make sure you don’t mix bleach and ammonia products.
  3. Do the washing up as you use it:This is great when you’re using a lot of pans or cooking a big meal. It’s easy to put everything on the side and wait for food to digest before you tackle the washing up. The problem is that it is easy to forget about it – or you just don’t feel like it. Leaving washing up on the side is a breeding ground for insects and vermin and the best thing to do is wash up while you cook. As soon as you use something and are finished with it, put it in the dishwasher or bowl and clean it. If you do have a dishwasher, let it pile up to a full load and then use it.
  4. Wipe down the computer:Your computer is one of the germy places in the whole house—yes, really! This has all the bacteria that you’ve shared, whether you’ve coughed, sneezed or just wiped your face! You will need to wipe your keyboard and computer monitor down on a daily basis to keep everything clean. There are alcohol wipes available from many stores and wipes designed for the computer screen to help remove all the bacteria and keep your screen easy to see through.
  5. Wipe down the handles, door knobs and light switches:Another area that is often riddled with germs is the common areas that you touch during the day. These areas include the handles, door knobs and light switches. Wipe them down on a regular basis to kill off the bacteria that you pass—especially the toilet door handle (even if you do wash your hands).

Keeping your house clean is the best way to avoid bacteria. You may think that it is spotless but put it under a microscope! There are many areas that people forget to clean on a daily basis or don’t think that it will be a problem – but you will be surprised!