5 Living Room Essentials to add Character to the Space

Living Room

Someone truly said, “First impression is the last impression”. The place where we live, the colours that we put on our walls speak a lot about our personalities. Thus, it is natural to take a lot of care to accentuate the living room.

Our hunt typically begins for a trendy sofa and a table to place the coffee mug. Often, this hunt for affordable and classy sofas becomes so tiring that we don’t think beyond these two items for our living room. A living room without a sofa is unimaginable(which you can buy at bestsofacovers.com) but we forget the other paraphernalia which gives the complete look to our living space.

Assuming you have already invested in that classic couch (check for upholstered pieces), we have compiled a list of living room essentials that will render an iconic look to your lair:

The timeless coffee table: When you are choosing a coffee table, try to look for a statement piece. Make sure that it has ample storage for magazines and other items. If the coffee tables do not fit your budget, you can always opt for one or two accent/side tables that serve similar purpose but are cheaper. Once you are done with the coffee table, make way for some coffee table literature. This might not seem necessary, but your discerning guests do steal a look at these. You can choose amongst magazines, art books or anything that interests you since they serve both entertainment and decorative purposes. Whether you have a keen interest in the worldly affairs or choose to put up a façade; the coffee literature serves the purpose.

Love seat or chairs: If you have a constrained space or you live in a studio apartment, then instead of going for a full-size sofa, you can opt for love seats. These are cheaper options as compared to sofas and you can pump in some style and colours with colourful and patterned pillows. Other than pillows, you can also consider putting a plush and comfortable throw in a basket next to the sofa or your loveseat. Imagine watching a movie with your loved one, curled up in the blanket (of course dim lighting and a popcorn bucket to complement). Can’t get any better!

Statement Rug: Often people are mistaken about the purpose of a rug. We feel that it is an essential item to keep the room clean since it collects dirt. But an area rug is much more an item that collects dirt from the shoes. Rugs add texture, pattern and even a pop of colour to your space, thus giving it a finishing touch. With some research online, you can find a wide variety of luxurious soft rugs to easy-to-vacuum doormats. This certainly has to be a good investment as it attracts attention because of its placement. You can opt for a bold or graphic print; practically anything as per your taste and the kind of look you want for the room. You can go for a bolder look; try pattern mixing by layering rugs.

Lamps: Good lighting is important to set the right mood. Avoid harsh or familiar overhead lighting; that was a thing of the past. Soft lighting sets the tone of the room whether you want it to be a romantic evening (with wines and roses) or a soothing get-together with friends. You can hop online and search for some stunning floor lamp designs which not only add to the lighting of your room but also are a visual treat.

An artistic piece: Confused? Well, if you are the creative one, it will be very easy for you to figure out. If not, we will give you some tit-bits to help you figure out that ‘statement’ piece. Start off by getting something which looks fancy, but doesn’t serve any specific purpose. It is advisable to pick up pieces that are versatile; considering how well these can blend in different settings. You need not necessarily go for fancy things; it could be anything that you feel is special and wish to take home. For some, these objects are priceless and are linked to a memory or someone special. Your living room is the perfect space to flaunt these pieces; conversation pieces are what we like to call them, pieces that will help you in breaking the ice with your guests.

After all these itsy bitsy tips and easy peesy instructions for your living room décor, it shouldn’t be a daunting task to renovate it. And if you are planning to shift to a new apartment, even better! There is no dearth of options for all the above mentioned items if you search online. While we do understand that shopping for your living room might be a tad expensive, but all these items are a bang for your buck.

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